Special made map producing software for news publishers. With the Maps4News software you can quickly and easily create-eye-grabbing maps custom-styled for you publication. Maps4News works for all your delivery channels- fast, easy, budget-friendly, and royalty-free.
Perfect for:
  • Newspapers (print and online)
  • Magazines
  • The Maps4Localsearch software automates the production of directory maps. The Software includes source data and provides significant time-saving, reduced mapping costs and additional directory revenue opportunities.
    Perfect for:
  • Local Directories
  • Yellow Pages
  • Local Business Search platforms

  • Maps2Publish automates the production of maps at any scale and format. The Map2Publish solution covers the entire production process in one system including updated data Generate high-quality map and atlas products and save lots of precious time and money.
    Perfect for:
  • Cartographic- and Travelbook Publishers
  • Cartographic companies
  • The Leisure and Travel Industry
  • We give printers and marketing service providers a simple solution for incorporating personalized maps into their clients’ variable print campaigns. You can have anywhere from hundreds to millions of variably-imaged maps for your direct mail packages… and all at a cost that won’t overly tax your budget.
    Perfect for:
  • Variable Data Printers
  • Direct Marketing service providers
  • MapCreator is the market leading provider of mapping solutions for the printing publishing and media industries. The MapCreator mapping solution saves time and reduces costs in mapmaking for all media platforms. We are working with more than 250 active clients, ranging from national newspapers and publishers to directory publishers and direct marketing companies.